Ps4 hookup to computer monitor

ps4 hookup to computer monitor

up through the PS5 release date and for another year or two. However, seeing as how there are multiple ways to connect audio to your speakers based on what kind of speakers you have, well run down some common situations and what type of tools youll need for each. However, there are a variety of ways to handle. Finally, plug the other end of the RCA cable into the red/white input jacks on your speakers. You can also set up a second monitor at your desk to quickly switch to gaming when you want to play after a long study session or finishing a task for work. Hi gtfooh, Two ways - either connect some speakers via the optical cable (e.g. Note: Audio is a little more complicated, because the PS4 only supports digital audio out. What should i do to get sound? Odds are good you will want to use headphones or better speakers, so this isnt a dealbreaker if it doesnt work. This is a great way to play PS4 games at your desk, free adult dating sights which may be a better setting for a FPS (First Person Shooter) that you want to be closer to the screen for.

If your monitor doesnt have built-in speakers, youll need an external audio source of some kind, whether its just a regular pair of computer speakers or even a stereo system that you can use. You probably have one, but if not you can get a good. A computer monitor can be used in lieu of a television for use with your PS4, or nearly any other game console for that matter. If you live your life in front of a monitor at a desk, this might be the best solution for you.

If you would prefer higher quality audio, choose from one of the other options below. For instance, if your monitor is receiving video via hdmi, but your PS4 is transmitting audio via a digital optical "toslink" cable, you must do the following in the PS4's "Settings" menu, select "Sound Settings." Under "Audio Output Settings" select the type of connection you.

Video, note: Below is a list of possible options; choose based on your ideal setup. Note: The URLs embedded below are provided for your convenience, and may link to m for quick and accurate purchase of the necessary equipment. You can read more about the PS4's audio setup on the PlayStation Support website. Select the appropriate types based upon your setup and confirm the changes. As for video and audio connections, the PS4 has an hdmi port and an audio optical port.

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