Record player with ipod hookup

record player with ipod hookup

on the apple support site: Apple Documentation says that it has both Headphone Line Level output BUT I am unable to achieve this. The cable looks like this: You will need a cable like this, one end has a headphone jack to plug into your iPhone, the other end has two RCA connectors to plug straight into your stereo. External phono preamps range from under 20 to thousands of dollars. To use a vintage turntable with these newer units or to play through a computer, powered speakers or headphones, the turntable signal must pass through an external phono preamp. (Note that Im NOT going to discuss turntables with USB outputs because those arent vintage.). This is in error, it should show an FM/Bluetooth switch instead. What do I do with the skinny wire and/or why is there a buzz? What is anti-skate and how do I set it?

(More on that below, too.). Do not use the phono-IN as it is designed specifically for a record player and wont sound as good. This is an Apple iPod dock. . I have another Chinese made turntable with auto return, and it prematurely returns the tonearm before the end of the last track on some records. Attach it to a post or a screw (usually labeled ground) on your stereo (more on that below).

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It requires additional amplification and some EQ to bring it up to a proper signal. The first one is obviously the better audio quality. If the unit powers on, try plugging the turntable into the Phono jacks and take the output from the Tape Out jacks, then plug those into an input on another system. Apple Dock A1371, or they are still available on Amazon here, here and here. You will also need to know information for your particular cartridge/stylus, specifically the tracking force (VTF). This is important for the best sound quality. In ebay you will need to search for something like this: Apple Universal Dock genuine, apple Dock MA045, apple Dock MC746LL. If your speakers are close enough to the turntable, the cartridge will pick up the low frequencies and youll get a very unpleasant form of acoustic feedback. The amplifiers have a Wi-Fi receiver built in which means you can play from your iOS device over your Wi-Fi (Airport) network directly to your Stereo with no loss of quality. There is a lot of confusion on the Apple support sites as to whether this socket marked headphones is actually a true high-quality line out or whether it is just the same as what a headphone socket would output.

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